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SPHPN was formed in 2012 as the all-comers in public health association of all disciplinary public health specialists as well as everyone else of the public health of the public health services in Nigeria! As the society admits members whether as corporate membership of an already existing and CAC-registered disciplinary public health association or as individuals in their own rights - everybody is welcome to join the association. One of the objectives of SPHPN is to assist any already existing disciplinary public health association to strive and succeed in fulfilling the objectives that they had set for themselves in founding such association as well as to help them to work cooperatively and successfully to pursue and achieve the corporate interests of the SPHPN in the specific. In this way, the inter-cadre rivalry and lack of productivity and genuine fulfilments in these disciplines will be drastically reduced.

The Society for Public Health Professionals of Nigeria

Public health by its history and practice is a field that involves multidisciplinary approach. As such, its effective practice in any country calls for close collaboration among many professionals in this light that the world federation of public health association (WFPHA) is constituted by national multidisciplinary association concerned with public health generally as distinct from single or individual disciplines, subjects, professions, or occupations.


Client 1 A Country Free of Guinea Worm Menace

For more than three decades, Nigeria had been grappling with the guinea worm menace earning the dubious title of the most endemic country at a time. Paul Obi writes on Nigeria’s freedom from the disease Guinea worm, a disease, which is medically known as drucunculaisis is said to be caused by contaminated water that emanates from drucunlus larva parasite. It is more rampant in Asia and Africa, specifically, the western coast of the continent. Nigeria used to top the list of countries with the epidemic.


News and Updates

14th World Congress on Public Health

The theme for the 14th World Congress on Public Health is “Healthy People – Healthy Environment”.

2nd National Scientific Congress & Annual General Meeting

The 2nd National Scientific Congress & Annual General Meeting holds between 12th and 15th November, 2014 in Abuja

Senate Passes National Health Bill

The senate has passed the National Health Bill after several months of delays and postponements. The bill, which was first passed by the 6th National Assembly in 2011.